Fun ways to use IOD Decor Transfers

Some days you just need to have fun while creating. Today I watched a video for some ideas and decided to try it out! First, I found an old window I had in the garage.

Next I cleaned this dirty old thing with Krud Kutter and took a paint scraper to it to dislodge all the peeling junk.

I also did some scraping on the window itself to get some old paint off and re-cleaned to window with rubbing alcohol.

Next I took off all the unwanted window hardware.

Now to choose the transfer I wanted to use. I looked at several and decided on IOD's Wildflower Botanicals because I wanted to cut it up and only use certain parts of the design.

Next step is placing and attaching the transfer to the window. First I cut the pieces apart and then decided on their placement. After deciding where they would be I peeled the backing piece off and placed the transfer on the window surface. The back of the transfer is a little sticky to make it easy for it to remain in place while rubbing the stick with pressure to release from the backing to the surface.

I didn't have the same products as the video so I improvised with things I had in the shop. I put some paint in the corners and let it dry. After that I followed the instructions from Elsie Lane Boutique on using half and half solution of vinegar and water to spray on the back of the window. While the solution was still wet, I took mirror spray paint and dabbed off the water drops with a paper towel. I applied and dabbed until I was satisfied with the look and after it was dry I painted over it with black paint. I did some dry brushing of the outside and will now use this as an example on my IOD wall!

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  • Love this. Cannot wait for class too learn how to make one of these!!


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