Take a Walmart pumpkin from Drab 2 Fab! Flamingo Fab that is!

Using a plain orange Walmart pumpkin can be a dull centerpiece. I will admit that I am not a real fan of fall colors unless they are on trees. So, when I looked at the fall pumpkins I purchased to jazz up my shop I was underwhelmed. Hmmm...what should I do??? Flamingo it! Here is my step by step:

1. Paint my pumpkin white. I used Wise Owl Snow Owl.

2. Go shopping for cool napkins while the paint dries. I went to Tuesday Morning and found a large variety of fun designs.

3. Cut your napkin in strips.

4. Break out the Mod Podge. I painted the MP on in a strip and then put down the piece of napkin and painted again with MP. Do this in sections. Do not worry about how it looks when wet as it will tighten up when dry.

5. Paint your smaller pumpkin a coordinating color. I choose an apricot color I had on hand and decided to paint dots and then sprayed a sealer when it was dry.

6. When dry...embellish! I used the puffy wreath making mesh in two colors in between the two pumpkins and then made a ribbon for the front with a wired ribbon.

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